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To offer an integrated approach for vulnerable children, women and youth in provision for information on HIV, sexual and reproductive health, capacity building and improved access to services by empowering communities to independently run sustainable development interventions.

Our Vision

Healthy and educated children, women and youth living in safe spaces

Our Mission

To empower vulnerable children, youth and women in accessing relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes through promotion of sustainable communities that participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children, women and youth.

Capacity Building

Developing Communities

The long-term vision of the leadership team for Faith in Community Aiders (FICA) and Home of Hope has been to develop small business groups and provide training for individuals in the area surrounding Home of Hope.

Meaningful involvement of PLHIV

FICA works with and for PLWHIV. Their participation in project design, implementation and evaluation helps to ensure that their needs are adequately addressed.

Involvement of People Living with Disability (PWD)

Partnerships with organisations representing PWD are a priority for FICA as it helps to mitigate the impacts of HIV for this particular population group.

Adoption of a rights based approaches

The success of our programmes hinges on empowering beneficiaries to discuss issues that concern them and to claim their rights to life, health, information, and freedom from discrimination.

Gender mainstreaming

The gender mainstreaming approach departs from viewing society as toxically patriarchal and focuses on activities that involve and benefit both women and men.

The Train-The-Trainer Program


The training was very interesting to me as it gave me skills on how to train the community members to start income-generating projects. It gave me the zeal to become a successful entrepreneur which I never had before. I am going to start helping young women of my age to start and grow successful businesses. I will also apply what I have learned to my area of expertise which is agriculture to help others to bring the best in agriculture production.
Tebeth Masundah Mutandwa.

Empowering communities

Our programmes are organised in three distinct but interconnected pillars. Under each programme are various projects of differing magnitude, and reach. Programme pillars are: Health & Wellbeing | Capacity - building | Environmental Eco - nomics

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Women Empowered
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Our work is bound by a solid commitment towards openness, honesty, responsibility and adherence to good governance practices.

Ethical Practice

We embrace diversity of our stakeholders and do not discriminate on any basis. All relationships are underlined by respect for each other.

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence in all we do.


We strive to be professional by maintaining the highest standards of competency, accountability and transparency. We value continuous learning as a way of self-improvement.

Faith Based

Our existence is premised on the Christian values of compassion and kindness. We we are committed to the selfless delivery of service to communities that are rendered vulnerable to the impacts of HIV.


We promote a spirit of fairness, trustworthiness, respect and teamwork among our stakeholders and communities, neighboring jurisdictions, and other development agencies.


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