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Images and names on this page are reproduced with consent obtained from guardians and beneficiaries. FICA has a child safeguarding policy which protects its beneficiaries from further stigmatization and discrimination.

The Voice of Munyaradzi

The message I have for other HIV Positive children is that just keep on working hard for your dreams. Do not let other people look down upon you because……..

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The Voice of Rosemary Mombo

My heart was broken and bleeding in that they did not tell me from the onset that the children were HIV positive. It’s something that the father knew…….

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The Voice of Grace

My name is Grace,  I am 17 years old. I wrote my ordinary level last year (2016). At FICA, we learn about volleyball and netball. We also learn about our HIV status and how to take care of ourselves and how to……..

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